Bali Continues to Charm

Discover the rich tropics, spectacular beaches and diverse culture on the Island of Gods. Experience a rejuvenating start to the year where the beautiful resorts in Bali beckon with inviting pools, distinctive dining options and uplifting wellness and spa experiences.

Come enjoy a swim at our oceanfront swimming pool with a stunning view of Jimbaran Bay. Lounging in Bale Kambang or sun lounger while savoring our scrumptious dishes just to spend your short break.

Feel and indulge in the luxurious Balinese holiday at InterContinental Bali Resort. Enjoy a daily soothing spa treatment, Club experience benefits and access to Planet Trekkers for your little ones when staying for a minimum of three nights.


Exclusive Treatment

comprehensive wellness and spa facility

インターコンチネンタル バリ リゾートのスパは、多様なグローバルトラベラーのお客様の美・癒し・健康のニーズを満たすことができるようにデザインされた様々なトリートメント スペースをご用意しております。ラグジュアリーな癒しのオアシスとして、身体の疲れを単に癒すだけではなく、めまぐるしい都会の日常生活を忘れたいと願う方々のストレスを解消し、活力を回復させます。


スパ ウルワツ

ヴィラ リトリート

Special offers

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Oxygen Infusion Face Treatment

Instant visible result with visibly lifted, more plumped and hydrated during this cooling, calming treatment.

シー オブ ラブ (SEA OF LOVE)


ピュア インダルジェンス (PURE INDULGENCE)