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Themed Nights

Our selection of tailor-made theme nights and events that utilise our diverse venues and local encounters is an InterContinental Bali Resort signature. Unique to the resort, our innovative themed nights introduce your group to the cultural delights of this ‘Island of the Gods’, in an entertaining and memorable fashion. 



A sumptuous dinner in the magnificent Puri Kencana Ballroom is a true Gala event, preceded by a pre-dinner cocktail party outside the Ballroom on the lawns of the evocative Candi Bentar Cultural Stage. Smart-casual resort wear or dinner suits are both appropriate attire suiting the tropical informal ambience.

Upon arrival to the Ballroom pre-function area, guests are greeted by dozens of local Balinese ladies dressed in stunning traditional costumes, who shower guests with flower petals. During cocktails, guests are entertained by a pianist, before proceeding on to the Ballroom, where they are welcomed by a live band.  The elegantly-appointed Ballroom comes beautifully decorated with spectacular arrangements of tuber roses, placed around the edge of the ballroom. Each dining table reveals a three-tiered Balinese parasol display combined with flower arrangements and candles in glass holders, as decorative table centrepieces.

Dinner itself is a four-course set menu, with dessert served by Balinese ladies carrying the plates above their heads in an authentic island procession, accompanied by Balinese marching band, ‘Adi Merdangga’. As the procession breaks away, Balinese contemporary dancers leap forward and captivate guests with their stunning performance, presenting flowers to female guests before leaving the stage.



This traditional Indonesian Rijstaffel dinner commences with drinks in the Puri Kencana Ballroom pre-function foyer. Guests are greeted by Balinese ladies attired in colourful traditional costumes, presenting each arrival with a fragrant frangipani flower placed behind the ear, a timeless island ritual. Cocktails in young coconuts or carved-out pineapples are presented to guests, accompanied by a Balinese music performance.

After pre-dinner drinks, guests proceed outside to the adjoining Candi Bentar Cultural Stage, a charming open-air lawn venue, headed by a traditional carved stone entrance gate. The sound of Balinese musicians playing the indigenous bamboo instrument, rindik, is both subtle and hypnotic.

Creating a truly festive and traditional ambience, elaborate arches of Balinese coconut leaves (Plengkung), strings of finely-cut palm leaves, colourful traditional long flags and tiki torches constitute the outdoor decorations. Each dining table displays traditional wooden puppets beautifully arranged with tropical flowers and banana leaf strips encircling candles, as table lamps and centrepieces.

Guests are then served a banquet in Indonesian Rijstaffel style. Traditional Indonesian fare dating back to Dutch-Indonesian colonial times, Rijsstafel consists of a series of dishes and sauces served in small bowls, accompanied with rice. As dinner concludes and coffee and tea are served, the main performance commences: a re-enactment of a traditional Balinese temple procession, with dozens of Balinese girls in colourful costumes carrying offerings on their heads, accompanied by a procession of musicians. An all-female group of Joged Bumbung dancers entertain guests with their extraordinary rapid fan, eye and feet movements, eventually luring willing participants to dance with them.

Suitable Venues:

  • Candi Bentar Cultural Stage – minimum 50 persons, maximum 120
  • Alun-Alun Garden – minimum 50 persons, maximum 150



This sumptuous dinner is preceded by a cocktail reception on the lawns of Alun-Alun Garden, a charming beachfront venue overlooking the pristine white sands of Jimbaran Beach. Cocktails are timed to coincide with Bali’s legendary sunsets. Music performances come courtesy of Balinese musicians playing the traditional bamboo instrument, rindik. As the sun sets behind Jimbaran Bay, local Jimbaran fishermen can be seen taking their boats out to sea for overnight fishing expeditions.

With the cocktail reception concluded, the group is escorted to the lawns by dozens of bare-chested Balinese warrior performers in a tek-tekan (procession), who carry flaming torches and play bamboo instruments, creating an evocative native atmosphere unique to Bali.

During dinner (with menus based on a choice of traditional Balinese or Western cuisine), serenading performers mingle amongst the guests. As dinner ends, the tek-tekan performers return to the stage, accompanied by musicians playing the traditional jegog. These bare-chested warriors appear carrying two traditional ‘Ogoh-Ogoh’ on their shoulders, symbolic monster figurines crafted from papier maché and bamboo and brightly painted. In Balinese culture, Ogoh-Ogoh represents the two opposing forces of good and evil. The tek-tekan warriors’ chanting and cheering reaches a fever pitch of excitement, before a group of Joged Bumbung dancers take over the night’s captivating entertainment. Stunningly dressed in fine silks of gold, red and yellow, these Balinese dancers entertain guests with extraordinary rapid fan, eye and feet movements. As a fitting finale, the performers encourage willing participants to join in the dance, which they have been trained to master since an early age.

Suitable Venues:

  • Alun-Alun Garden – minimum 20 persons, maximum 150 persons



Before this dinner commences, several fun cultural experiences are played-out. Welcome drinks are first hosted at Candi Bentar Cultural Stage, a traditional open-air lawn venue with a carved stone ceremonial entrance gate. Drinks come accompanied by Balinese musicians playing indigenous bamboo instruments, rindik, which emit a subtle and distinctive sound. The group is then transported by traditional horse-drawn carriages to the fishermen’s village of Jimbaran, located about a 15 minute trot from the resort.

Guests are greeted by traditionally-attired Balinese ladies with flower garlands and a locally inspired drink. Life jackets are donned and the group is escorted to a series of fishing boats, for a ‘mini-armada’ procession and leisurely sail back to the resort.

These colourful outrigger-style boats – jukung – are genuine fishing boats used daily in this fishing community. En-route, guests are able to catch the sunset and appreciate uninterrupted views of the magnificent Jimbaran Bay.

Disembarking at the resort jetty, dozens of bare-chested Balinese ‘warriors’ armed with flaming torch beacons form a tek-tekan (procession) for a truly memorable greeting. Following a quick freshen-up on the beach with cold towels, the group then proceeds to nearby Alun-Alun Garden, an open-air beachfront area, where dinner is served under the stars.

The Alun-Alun lawns are decorated with traditional Balinese arches of coconut leaves, long colourful flags, bamboo poles decorated with intricately woven palm leaves, tiki torches and strings of finely-cut palm leaves, for an authentic tropical island ambience. During this Fishermen’s Night dinner, guests are entertained by a band of koolintang musicians.

Suitable Venues:

  • Alun-Alun Garden – minimum 50 persons, maximum 150



Our Sarong Party is always a winner for team-building and group entertainment. For this, we recommend a Seafood BBQ Party at the resort’s Sunset Beach Bar & Grill, an open-air beachfront venue overlooking Jimbaran Bay.

Brightly painted, traditional fishing boats – jukung – are decoratively placed around the venue, along with striking Balinese parasols, tiki torches and long colourful flags. For this al fresco informal dinner under the stars, food is served from a series of thatched roof food stalls surrounding the dining tables, serving succulent barbecued seafood delicacies such as fresh caught lobsters, jumbo prawns and a variety of fish.

All diners come dressed as native Balinese, wearing traditional sarongs and batik headdress – udeng – and upon arrival, are greeted by traditionally-attired Balinese ladies who present them with frangipani flower garlands. This is a fun team-bonding night, with the distinctive flavours of the ‘Island of the Gods’.

Suitable Venues:

  • Alun-Alun Garden – maximum 150 persons


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Club InterContinental

Club InterContinental

Set in its own private wing and secluded enclave within exquisite gardens, Club InterContinental is the resort’s premier accommodation category that truly defines luxury, an exclusive haven offering discerning modern travelers a ‘resort within a resort’ that further enriches the InterContinental Bali Resort experience. 



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