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Plan ahead for your remarkable Bali getaway and enjoy substantial savings on a vacation at the enduring beachfront destination of Jimbaran Bay. Secure your spot and experience a worry-free vacation with us. We offer you and your loved ones a seamlessly arranged itinerary for your holiday through our myriad resort activities and facilities.

  • Complimentary access for children under 12-year-old to our Planet Trekkers facility.
  • Access to the resort’s fitness center and the Spa Uluwatu’s facilities including Jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna, and more.


The beginning of your ritual is announced in a gracious manner, as a small bell rings softly, welcoming you to the Royal Heritage Foot Ritual. Your spa indulgence continues with a Bali Ocean Serenity, or Muscle Tension Release Massage, promoting deep relaxation from head to toe. To ensure a radiant glow, a lulur body scrub is applied in circular strokes, gently exfoliating to reveal a more youthful appearance.

A short break includes a healthy jamu drink, an herbal tonic accompanied by local sweets. To ensure that every guest feels completely pampered, the ritual continues with a restoring Refresher Facial and Foot Massage. Your journey culminates in a leisurely bath, where you soak in a royal heritage milk bath, infused with fresh flowers to bring your spa escape to an exotic close.

Royal Heritage foot ritual | Bali Ocean Serenity/Muscle Release Massage | Lulur Body scrubs | Herbal drinks | Refresher Facial | Foot massage | Royal Heritage Milk Bath Drinks for couple and rereshments.